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Frequently Asked Questions


Does it cost anything to join?
No, this opportunity is absolutely free.

Do I need to install any software or toolbar?
No. You can use ANY browser without any toolbars installed.

Do I need to specify my personal details such as home address?
No. You don't need to specify anything personal - see our join form.

Completing web offers

Is this an international opportunity?
Yes, members from all countries can participate.

How much I will get per single offer?
You get points by completing web offers. The payment depends on particular offer and varies from 30 points up to 350.

Spending your points

How can I withdraw my earnings?
You can earn points by completing web offers. However, you can utilize these points in several ways:

Referring other people

How can I refer other people to Earn2Gether?
To refer other people, use the referral link located in your account. We also have a wide selection of web banners to use with your blog or forum posts.

Am I limited to have a specific number of referrals?
No, there's no limits on number of your referrals.

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